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A whole chicken comes frozen. Roast, grill, or smoke for a delicious dinner!

Pastured Whole Chicken

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  • Why buy your chicken from Fatima Farm? Because our pastured chickens are far tastier and healthier than any organic or free-range product you can find in a grocery store. Here is what makes our birds better: 

    ​Raised Happy

    Our birds were allowed to be chickens for their entire lifespan. They are put on pasture to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight as soon as their bodies can handle the temperature. Their diet is not only grain (which chickens need!), but grass and the bugs and grubs they forage for. They are moved to fresh, green pasture daily.

    Raised Healthy 

    Because of the pitiable conditions in which grocery store chickens are often raised, those birds require drugs to be suitable for human consumption. With a pasture management style that closely resembles natural patterns, we are able to produce healthy and happy birds without the need for drugs like antibiotics, vaccines, and hormones. The added bugs and grass in their diet, which grocery store chickens are deprived of, give them extra nutrients. This yields a healthier, drug-free product that you can feel good about serving to yourself and your family. 

    ​Raised Delicious

    All of this contributes to a much tastier product. We produce birds the same size as those available in the store, but the absence of drugs and the addition of grass and bugs to their diet comes through in the taste. We are very proud of the tastiness and quality of our birds, and we can't wait for you to taste them for yourselves. We personally love the dark meat of our birds, which is just as tender and delicious as the white meat. You'll be hooked!

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