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Fatima Farm

Hardy Soil. Happy Animals. Healthy Food.

Who We Are

Fatima Farm is a family-owned and operated Alabama farm near Huntsville, specializing in regenerative agriculture to nurture the land and grow hearty, healthy food. We want to share this nourishing, nutrient-dense food with you. We offer a seasonal CSA program, pastured pork, poultry, and eggs, grassfed lamb, and no-spray produce. Visit our online shop to learn more. 

Hardy Soil

Healthy food and happy animals need hardy soil. Hardy soil supports a flourishing vegetation which feeds our management-intensive, multi-species, rotational grazing system. We give the pasture the grazing, foraging, scratching, fertilizing, and rest that it needs, using our animals to add nutrients and build organic matter by mimicking patterns that exist in the wild. This method allows the land to thrive without the need for any chemical fertilizers.

Happy Animals

By regularly moving our animals onto fresh pasture from spring to fall, away from their own parasite-attracting waste, we give our animals everything they need to thrive, without the need for the potentially harmful chemicals or drugs that you do not want in your food. Whether our animals are egg-layers, breeders, or raised for food themselves, our animals spend their lives doing what they enjoy and were made to do. Our chickens scratch. Our ducks and turkeys forage. Our geese, sheep, and cows mow the grass. Our pigs root. 

Healthy You

Healthy soil means a healthy animal. A healthy animal means healthy food, which means a healthier you. We are proud to produce nutrient-dense food for our local community that cannot be found on the grocery store shelves. Peruse our website, send us an email, or give us a call today to experience the Fatima Farm difference for yourself.

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Phone: 256-715-2082


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